Why Is Eritrea Impoverished and Isolated?

cropped-2121By Teweldeberhan Gebre

Eritreans have been subjected to systematic poverty and injustice under their government for the last two and half decades. The very government that liberated the country from the Ethiopian invaders and their East-West sponsors is now the real oppressor of its people. It is not only an embarrassment but also a humiliation to the very Eritrean values of hard work and resilience. In Eritrea, poverty is state driven, and state instigated with the ultimate goal and greed to hold onto political power by controlling the people’s economic, social and political lives.

The issues of poverty is thus a means to control people’s life by controlling their productive economic resources and their labor, and above all their aspirations of democratic Eritrea. If the state machinery tightly controls national wealth and labor, there is nothing left for society to depend on and live a normal life. It is a tragic fate for Eritrea and Eritreans once hopeful to see a growing and affluent country after decades’ of bloody liberation war.

Today, Eritrea and Eritreans are stigmatized, ridiculed, and treated with contempt even by the most notorious countries like Ethiopia, the Sudan, and South Sudan to mention few. In search of an answer to the question of why Eritrea and its citizens continued to be stigmatized, ridiculed and treated with contempt by all nations, searchlight should be placed on the erroneous economic and human resources policy of the government. A leadership that doesn’t learn lessons from its past and present and with an attitude ‘we know’ for you.

Eritreans, the supposed hardworking and resilient people in Africa, and reputed for their heroic struggle against all the odds are now suffering untold shame and contempt in the hands of refugee campaigners and human traffickers despite their untapped potentials to build their country by all means. This paradox calls to mind, a semi-official communique in the early 1990s, which state in part, that, Eritrea will become the next Singapore of Africa. This vision has gravely eroded the country and its people’s hope. Despite our geo-strategic and international significance we miserably failed to capitalize on this potential comparative advantages due to a leadership gap. Many Eritreans mistakenly believe that the world states deliberately isolate Eritrea. I argue it is not true.

In my judgment, the Eritrean leadership has excluded itself from world politics and international relations due to its authoritarian nature, bad human rights records, poor governance and leadership, and the absence of the rule of law in the Eritrean jurisdiction. Under these scenarios, no one can expect the Eritrean leadership to have healthy and constructive diplomatic relationships with the powerful democratic nations. I contend, any measure of respect to any country by the world community is proportionate to its internal dynamics, prosperity, good governance, diplomatic skills, and above all the unreserved respect to the human rights of its citizens. None of this is entertained in Eritrea. In other words, Eritrea has nothing to offer to any state willing to engage with it.

In aligning with the above line of thought, isolating the Eritrean nation state from the powerful countries is voluntary and deliberate acts of its leader. The leadership tells us that the world has a prejudice on us Eritreans, but the truth is because of the leadership’s unwillingness to engage, weak/poor diplomatic skills and its internal contradictions.

The fact is that the head of state is leading the country unconventionally and by an iron fist. As a result, the opinion of the rest of the world about Eritrea and its sad domestic realities is, of course, reflected in all international forums and the Eritrean leadership is busy in defensive diplomacy. The administration is also busy justifying youth migration as economic and advocating for open migration just like commodities and finance. It doesn’t stop here but also demands wealth and rich states to take responsibilities for providing livelihoods, educating and training youth migrants including from Eritrea. The irony is a leadership that completely denied its young people to exercise their rights to livelihood activities in their country advocates about livelihoods elsewhere.

The instances of subjection of Eritreans in unfair treatments by their government are too many to mention but suffice it to point out the sad reality of poverty and economic hardships that stare the people in the face. Today, lawfully or unlawfully, thousands of Eritreans are languishing in jails for decades, and hundreds of thousands have left the country for the better life outside their homeland due to the mismanagement of the country’s economy and its human resources.

In conclusion, economic hardships and endemic poverty in Eritrea are due to the nefarious national service and closed economic policies of the government. As always, to justify the endless national service, the pretexts are prioritizing national defense and securities for we are under the situation of “no peace, no war” with our southern enemy. To justify the closed economic policy the leadership shamelessly hedges into educating us on the model of ‘self-reliance.’

I don’t think the leadership knows that the idea of self-reliance is an American capitalist idea. If it doesn’t know about self-reliance – my advice goes like this: read Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand.’ That invisible hand of Adam Smith is the secret for a successful and prosperous nation, and that is about self-reliance. The characteristic idea of self-reliance is about each and every individual’s invisible contribution which eventually sums up into a national wealth. You cut and ate each ten fingers and ten toes of each citizen, and now you have a crippled economy that neither feed its people and nor can finance its defense needs.


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  1. None sense, instead of talking cheap in your comfort zone why don’t you go home and try to help for at least one month then unleash your smart mouth.


  2. what u wrote the Woyane wrote more than thousan times.Weak diplomati,failed nation like Somali …etc.Shabiya they never knell down for western wheat.U wrote many time negative about Eritrea.Can u write about demarcation if u care about Eritrean?Eritrea and Ethiopia accept final and binding.Maybe it is only for Shabiya?


  3. This website reminds me like the owner of eritrean daily website pseudo name Berhane Tekeste, he started by writing good articles to get viewers after a while his true color was exposed after he started attacking eritrean leadership You are behaving just like him. Stop your nonsense


  4. Sir, please, please stop. Six (6) or so months ago you grabbed my attention. Now days, for whatever reason, nothing that you write is making sense, especially those on economic and political issues the country faces. Trust me on this, I know my stuff and my feedback to you to stop. I know I am not the only who is asking you to stop too, but I figured I add voice to the list…hopping the long list, sooner or later, will grab your attention. Again, let it be known: you’re now simply writing for the sake of writing; nothing more, but a lot of nonsense. Free time is a terrible thing to waste.


  5. Do not be a paper tiger. If you want the progress of Eritrea put your hand to help development. For your information, I am not going to waste my time to read your comments and respond to your unfruitful postings any mopre


  6. ምስኪን ብድቁሱ ይሓልምዩ ዘሎ ከምቆልዓ
    ደቂ ሕድርትና ተኣኪበን ምስኡ ክስዕስዓ
    ልኡኽ ናይ ምዕራብ ንሃገሩ ሸይጡ ከብልዓ


  7. Tewelde I am simply want to tell you yes we have poverty. So what ? You said you have idea and solutions for poverty reduction? Go and help.otherwise let the people handling it. Leave them alone. All Africans are living in poverty? So eritrea as a new nation can’t avoid poverty by miracle. You have to work and work… work….;not talk and talk. ……talk. we started production of minerals short time ago. But more need to be done.we are getting 50% of ownership of the mining income and we are working to secure food supply. In this regard we are better than our region. We are continuing to made progress in healthy living plan while we are protecting our borders from narrow mind TPLF. So tewelde what are you doing?? Talk and complaining the all time. Please use your brain for the benefit of people not cheap poletics. Give your opinion but first give your entire time for research before you come to conclusion. As I said they know the holistic approach of entire east Africa let alone eritrea. So try to gain more knowledge and experience in general of east Africa economic opportunity and challenges. Don’t limit your knowledge on eritrean economy. If you do ? I assure you will never open your eye.


  8. Higdefawian neta riesikha mikhal etibil amir bichingaAta sileziteredewa neta hager akayda Sloth(the slowest animal in Amazon jungle) endakhedu dihri buzuhat hagerat geroma. Ezi felitom zeykonu si entaydiA filtet silezeyblom eyu. NiAbinet kinegreka entediA hade nay shadshay kifli filtet halywo emo tsetser wihitu ms higedfawian entetemahahilu nay zoba feraday yigebriwo. High school entewediEkha emo minister tikhewin. BizaEba tenetsilo dima endihr hade mengisti bihzbi zeytemertse kemeU win be paranoia schizophrenia zisaqe entedi’A koynu neti khulu dikhmetatu nikhishifin niEritrea kab alem kinitsila tiray eyu zelewo. Teweldino kisab hiji ab tsuhufatka niEritrea zeqonatsib silezeyraEkhu bertie qetsilo yibleka.


  9. You are cruel to blame and point finger to the government when you are aware the facts what is going on against our people and our government.if this government wasn’t there eritrea was history and this is undeniable fact. Please stop your rambling. I suspect you are one of those students who were sent to South Africa. I am really angry at you, I see you have some motive and you will fail miserably like those Islamist Awatist. Who knows you working for who. The saddest part of is you work with number one HALEWELEW Keleta


  10. 100% Real truth thought that the GOVERNMENT Purposefully done in his stupid Policy he is killing systematically the rich and Poor people of Eritrea he is the other FACE of WOYANE .


  11. Can you rewrite the article and factor in an in depth analysis of the no war no peace situation and the effect of the international sanctions? As well as the timing of the pull factor of the international community/UN to give preferential treatment to Eritreans? Keep in mind the first few years Agame Ethiopians were biggest beneficiaries of asylum by falsely claiming to be Eritrean and the UN knowingly aided them…Eritreans seeing this then jumped on the bandwagon. You had noted this in one of your previous articles & I commend you on that.

    However this article seems to downgrade the effects of all the aforementioned and put blame squarely on the govt. The Clinton/Obama US foreign policy & maneuvering on Eritrea has been abysmal to say the least and greatly counter productive. If anything the unjustified approach on Eritrea by US foreign policy of Clinton/Obama (along with international countries that aided it) seems to have propped up Isayas. Sometimes I wonder if the US & Isayas played out a scripted drama to fool us as the spectators. The old heroes said “me-inti mogogo anchiwaa te-halif” but misguided foreign policies of the Clinton/Obama admin made sure this rat got fatter as well as the rats of the hasadat Ethiopian govt agames.

    Self reliance leads to ownership so lets not look down on the govt attempts on this. Its a wonderful idea started by genuine Eritrean patriots in the struggle era, Isayas is just a mouth piece of it not necessarily the originator. If he was the originator he would have been pragmatic & been able to actively counter the international attempts to undermine it with the help & advice of the Eritrean people & by listening to the concerns of the people. Also certain parts of the economy should be closed only for Eritreans, we can argue how it should be accessible to Eritreans; but no argument to open it up to foreign money/corporations whose main concern is profit to the board members/investors and not to the wellbeing of Eritrea(ns). Emulating Singapore was from/after the struggle era so Isayas gets some credit on this even if he is just the mouth piece, but he does emulate the autocratic nature of the former Singapore leader. Isyas also emulates some tendencies of Mao. These Asian leaders built their nations in part with sacrifice to a generation of their population but given their numbers they could afford it; but Isayas should have been considerate of our small number. Additionally lets not forget that some of the first world western nations built/began their empire out of sheer slavery and robbing other nations/peoples wealth (legacy of colonialism), so there is no way we can compare to them nor should we try to emulate their current standards without factoring in their notorious history…France is still raping North & West Africa! Side comment, previously you wrote an article about the France24 article on Eritrea, but the French are not credible/clean when it comes to human rights.

    As far as immigrants being the responsibility of the host & UN, I tend to agree with the govt & its policy of no forced return. International organizations lured them so they are accountable. I believe the aim was to target Eritreans but to their chagrin/disappointment a host of other people/nations started to claim to be Eritrean for asylum. Merkel head of the European union intentionally said Europe could handle a million refugees, so its their own doing in causing a so called flood. Personally I think this is the work of the banksters & politicians & media to distract from the banking crises/bailouts & the effect it has had on the tax paying citizens…distract them with immigrants on top of the austerity measures. I remind the citizens of these host nations not to fall for this cheap attempt and to remember it was the banks/politicians that stole trillions not immigrants. This is an artificially created/instigated crisis being also used to spur ultra nationalist movements/parties/orgs. I tell this bankster puppets if you dont want foreigners than also give up your desire for foreign goods/resources.
    Your article on Isayas needing to cooperate to take refugees back had many good ideas but forced return is not good idea, well maybe only for the agame Ethiopians. But also bear in mind EU wanted to build industrial park in Ethiopia/agame instead of Eritrea so that should tell you they are intentionally following a continued misguided policy so cant blame Eri govt for not being too eager to fully engage before. Side comment, dont you find it odd that the Isis in Libya started to target immigrants…if part of their agenda is hurting the west why would they stop immigration?…but if you remember back when Gadaffi was toppled by intervention of Nato & foreign forces (Isis) you see the dark connections.

    Back to this main article whats with the timing?, because currently (starting past year) the Eritrean govt has been engaging & cooperating with the international community that wants positive engagement. It is engaging with the EU, Asian countries, the GCC, & US admins/reps have been calling for reversal of Clinton/Obama misguided policies & for fresh new postive engagement with Eritrea. All this is happening in the backdrop of the crisis in the Ethiopian govt/state that will erupt at any moment…and also the scramble for international access/control of the Red Sea which is an externally instigated race (new scramble for africa? North already invaded by Nato & its working its way west/central…now are they trying from the east?..interesting how they use threat of terrorism for their scramble, this isnt the first time in history). Anyways timing of this article might not be appropriate & neither are my many tangent comments but then again I am not a supporter of the Eritrean president so i dont need to make him look good by holding my tongue…and I am also not a supporter of foreign backed mercenaries/organization interventionism against the Eritrean/African people so again I will not hold my tongue.
    Anyways wether we have a say or not (like it or not), the Eritrean govt is currently positively engaging those that approach it positively/respectfully with mutual cooperation at lightning speeds.

    With regards to the attacks Eritreans face, that is up to me+you+organization to tackle it even if the current govt doesn’t seem to be doing its best. The disbanded Halawa Sewra (despite its short commings/faults) would have fearlessly taught many abusers of Eritreans a lesson (as brave generations before it)…instead of watching from sidelines as the current Isayas regime has been doing…or we have been doing waiting for the govt to address it.


    • Bahri-negus,

      In fact, you raised so many important issues. I appreciate your good conversation. It is tough to address them all here but let me try paragraph by paragraph.

      Par. 1. You asked me to rewrite my article by factoring the international sanction. I think I addressed this issue in the previous articles – I won’t even call it international sanction. It is a sanction by the US, UK, Germany and France. But, remember that the sanction was imposed in 2009. As far as poverty and isolation are concerned, there are no visible differences before and after the sanction.

      I addressed the “pull and push” factors of migration in my previous article. These factors are not unique to Eritrean migrants. However, the whole discourse of ours is on the ‘pull’ factors. We know that we cannot control these factors. Yes, we can but indirectly. But, what is our government’s reaction to this? Nothing!

      Who is/was the benevolent beneficiary of migrations in the name of Eritreans? Well, I answered this question in my mentioned this too. Many other citizens including the Ethiopians benefited right away from the establishments of the refugee camps in Ethiopia and the Sudan. Does this mean it hurts us? The point is because of the bad treatments of the youth we gave other nationalities the chance to benefit out of our miseries.

      Par. 2. I didn’t downgrade external effects. I did address them in my previous articles. I cannot cover everything in one go and one article. However, it is important to understand what we can and cannot control. There are mitigation principles for any risk scenario dissected by its level and depth. We need to anticipate risks and be prepared how we should minimize it. We have a government that is completely passive on the issue of massive migration and talks about it as if this issue is 100% foreign conspiracy. So, the blame should squarely go to the government because the government had and has no plan to mitigate the problem. In his recent interview with the local media, Isaias was asked about this and didn’t give any concrete answer for addressing the mass migration problem. Of course, the issue of national service and joblessness are the main causes of the mass migration. We train youth in Sawa, but they end up in refugee camps. In essence, military training and keeping the young people in service for an indefinite period is not serving national security as the government tries to boast. So, don’t you think the unlimited nature of national service needs some revision and give a chance the youth to exercise their economic and private life? If not the country is losing them altogether.

      Par. 3. On self-reliance. The idea of self-reliance is thoroughly abused, and the system is using it as a scapegoat to control people’s economic, social and political lives. You rightly mentioned a practical example of the Eritrean Revolution. Yes, individuals sacrificed their lives, families, and loved ones voluntarily. Individual’s confidence and can-do attitude within the Eritrean revolutionaries were beyond imagination. They never had doubt that one day Eritrea would be free. In its original meaning, this is self-reliance of individuals under EPLF. Now, the system systematically killed the confidence, can do attitude, and sacrifice of the people. Did we able to move forward? No, not at all. So, self-reliance for the system is simply a bogus and a means for controlling the life of the people.

      Par. 4. Forced return of refugees – I am not advocating for forced returns of refugees. What I said in my previous article is that returning refugees should be voluntary. However, I argued no one in his/her right mindset would voluntarily return unless there is an incentive to take risks of returning. I did outline some of the possible incentives by both the government and donors. I didn’t stop calculating the benefits for the individual returnee only but went far into calculating the benefits for the country as a whole. If incentive mechanisms are put in place and negotiated with the host countries, I guarantee you many refugees in Ethiopia and Sudan can respond to it positively.

      Par. 5. You questioned the timing of my piece of writing. Fine. Poverty is an acceptable, particularly when the people in power deliberately instigate it. So, I cannot see any justification to postpone this crucial issue to any time in the future as far as our people living in poverty.

      On engagement – you said “… because currently (starting past year) the Eritrean govt has been engaging & cooperating with the international community that wants active engagement.” I can tell you foreign governments, not Eritrea drives all these initiatives. They are trying to incentivize the government to engage in critical issues such as migration, good governance, and human right matters. I am not naïve about their interests. The government doesn’t want serious dialogue with other governments on issues of migration, economic reform, good governance, and human rights. For instance, EU’s primary interest is to stop migrants from crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Now EU is engaged in training youth and providing power grids. But, never forget that if EU raises issues of economic and labor market reforms or good governance and human rights issues the government will immediately antagonize it.

      You also said that “… engaging with the EU, Asian countries, the GCC, & US admins/reps have been calling for reversal of Clinton/Obama misguided policies & for fresh new positive engagement with Eritrea.” Well, as long as they see a scenario where their national interests will be served by forging new relationships they can do that. But, you have a government that doesn’t care about national interest but gravely concerned about its power greed. No one can claim any knowledge of the new relations between the different actors because after all the government doesn’t want to tell its people what is going on. Sometimes, the government pretends as if nothing is going on. This kind of leadership is leading by ignorance. Do we have the right to know about our country and its system? Yes, but, how much do we know or allowed to know? I don’t know.

      On the African Scramble – I don’t see any relevance in this discussion because it is simply scapegoating. In my view, we have a dirty house and let us clean it.

      Par. 6. On Eritreans attack – well, you are right it is up to us to defend ourselves. However, this is a national issue and cannot be solved at individual levels. We need to ask what the root causes for migrations are and who should be responsible for all the ridicules consequences. Our citizens are escaping the draconian rule.

      Hence, we need to rise and say enough is enough. How many times should the leadership lie to us before our minds are open?


      • Tewe!de,
        I agree with all that you said and I commend you for that except with your characterization you made at the beginning of your article that the mafia group now in the helm of Eritrean government was the liberator of the Homeland. Please understand that this false notion is the very reason that many of our otherwise genuine patriotic Eritreans have been deceived into collaborating with this treacherous mafia in the systematic destruction of their own country and people.

                      A Greek mathematician , Archimedes, was quoted to have said, ----Give Me  A Long Lever and A Place To Stand and I Will Move The Earth---.   The demystification of Isaias afewerk as a leader of Eritrean liberation by   exposing, one by one, his treacherous con artistries, pre and post independence , is , needless to say, the very crucial leverage that we can apply to quickly  dispose of  him to the trashcan of history. All others that deal with ramifications is simply affording him golden opportunity to finish his evil conspiracy.
                  -------   This guy got prestigious scholarship to Communist China from the religious fanatics of Quads Al Ama, at a time when many university students who joined ELF were either murdered or forced to surrender to Ethiopian security apparatus to save their lives. Given what we know of him now,  I think it is very easy to guess as what he  did   not only to save his life but to gain a reward?  He must have been  their spy on the naive university students.
                    --------- Soon after he returned from China and joined Highlanders  who were preparing to establish a liberation organization, he slandered Qiada Al Ama as murderers and fanatics, bitting the very hand that fed him, as we say in Tigrigna.  The question is, Why?  The answer is obvious; to deceive the Highlanders as he deceived Qiada Al Ama. He succeeded. Within EPLF, he continued murdering every Highlander elite. To this day, be has not stopped 
                        -------- if Badme could speak, it would tell us why he handed it over to woyane in 1985. Luckily we know why. He used it  as a time-bomb to be exploded at his opportune time. He did it 1998. If indeed woyane had invaded Eritrea,  the right thing to do before committing the Eritrean Armed Forced was to inform the Eritrean people, OAU and UNSC. He did none of those because to do so would have  preempted his long contrived and planned war. 
                           --------- to his horror, woyane two military offensives  were crushed ; that was why he took complete control of the Eritrea Army just before  the Third woyane, and led the Eritrea army to withdraw  after he allowed  woyane army to enter deep into Eritrea and attacked Eritrean army from their  rearguard.  Adding an insult to injury, Isaias afewerk purposely issued conflicting commands that caused the Eritrean army to withdraw in confusion and   disarray,which facilitated woyane army to inflict  heavy toll on them and to completely ransack the whole GashBarka, the grain basket of Eritrean, including the cities  of Barentu , Tesene etc.
                            --------in the aftermath of the cessation of hostilities, Isaias afewerk was asked by parliament members  and senior EPLF officials and military Generals to call the parliament to a meeting so he would account for the war, it's conduct  and effect etc. but knowing full well  of his culpability , he would not cooperate.  Instead, falsely branding them as defeatists, he threw them into his underground dungeons. But we must understand as the war was ended which he signed for it,  he had no  reason to accuse them of treason or of defeatism. Therefore, he did it not only to hide his past crimes but also to continue his criminal activities he has been doing unabated. 


  12. እዝ ኩሉ ትጻህፎ ዘለኻስ መጀመርያ ኣዳናግሩና ነይሩ። ሕጂ ግን ዕላምኡ ፈልጥናዮ ምስ መራሕቲ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ተባኣሱ ንዓቅዎም ኢኻ ትብለና
    ዘለኻ ። እዚ ኸኣ ዘመልክት ምስትውዓል ዘይብልና ገርካና ብንእሽተይ ጽሑፍካ ዓጅቡናስ ሃገር ምሉእ ኣብ ሓደጋ ከነውድቅ ክንደይ ተንኮለኛ ደንቆሮን ኢኻ።


  13. In short,Eritrea is frozen and deserted due to the regime policies. Shut up barking dogs and mouth pieces of the regime “Nihna nisu ..nisu nihna”.
    my blood is boiling when the cadres externalize every thing.


  14. Tewelde I did not said it is ok to Eritrea to remain poor .what I said is as a new country we need more time to work hard not talk hard in order to get out of poverty. I am sorry to say this but you have difficulties to address the real issue as you continue to ignore your capacity to research and look at all aspect of Eritrean economy and political route in context of east Africa and Africa in generally. I encourage you to red more and write few to look over all issue as your country men. try to think many Eritreans like you have the knowledge and capacity to say something but when it comes to the ground …… sorry. so make yourself available at the ground and then we can see your idea and knowledge. otherwise talk…talk in front of camera or website i assure you everybody can do it.


  15. What have you done for me lately? this a question being asked by the Eritrean people and mother ERITREA. It amazes me how the attack dogs start to shut up the TRUTH. While Tewoldebrhan is explaining that the people who live in Eritrea and out side Eritrea are not given the opportunity to work collectively to benefit them selves and benefit Eritrea and make it prosperous nation, here people are inviting him to go back for a week/month to do some good for Eritrea. Have any of you done that, Is there an opportunity or even invitation from the Junta in Eritrea to help mother Eritrea. Where is your common sense when Tewoldebrhan is telling us that the Eritrean Junta is crippling the ten fingers that each one of us has to build the nation, and you the attack dogs are suggesting that Tewolde has to go do some good for Eritrea is just trying to cover up the truth. In short Why do you all think the nation is draining its capital, which is the human capital that suppose to build the nation, Simply put, Eritreans are held hostage by their own government.


  16. ኣነ ትገርመኒ ሓንቲ ነገር ኣላ እዞም ሙሁራት ናይ ዓድና ኩሎም ተዘይበልኩ ዝበዝሑ ። እንታይ እዮም ሰርትፍከት ሕዝ ከብሉን ቀዳመይቲ ስርሖም
    ነቲ ንዳሕራይ ክኾንኒ እሉ ዘምሃሮም ሰብ ክንዕቅዎን ክጸርፍዎን ዝብህጉ ልክዕ ከምዛ ተወልደ ዝገብራ ዘሎ እያ ። ንምንታይ ካብቲ እሳቶም ዝሰረትዎ ተበጊስካ ክትሃንጽ ዝይትፍትን ንምንታይ ነቲ እሳቶም ዝሰርሕዎ ከፍርሶ ኣለኒ እልካ ትጽዕር።


  17. Mr. Teweldebrhan you are clearly showing your true color now. To fool many innocent and open minded readers you started with what is seemingly genuine concern about the problems in Eritrea. In few cases your criticism appeared constructive. I was attracted in reading your comments and analysis because you seemed to be you had good intention to make positive contribution by writing a balanced criticism and reasonable views. Also, to your credit there is no doubt that you are a talented writer. If you were to use your talent for good, Eritreans could have benefited from your contribution. However, now it is clear that you have evil intention against Eritrea. You were a wolf in a sheep clothing. You have exposed yourself by blaming the victims and supporting the perpetrators. Now we know for who you are advocating. You are advocating for the criminal Woyane regime and its western masters lead by the US who caused the major problems we have in Eritrea. Just to remind you the root causes of all the problems in Eritrea now and then are the deliberate military and economic attack by the Woyane regime and its masters. They have started the 1998 war to reverse Eritrea’s independence and if not to ensure no economic and social progress is to happen in Eritrea to reach their final goal of reversing the Eritrean independence. On top of this when they lost the war, they created a no war no peace situation by refusing to implement the final and binding ruling and to add insult to an injury; they conspired and coordinated unjust sanction on Eritrea to inflict maximum economic damage. They tried to stop the Eritrean government from collecting a legitimate 2% rehabilitation tax from its diaspora citizens. They even tried to create obstacles to the development of mining industries in Eritrea etc. That is, these perpetrators were and are doing everything in their power to create condition that make the Eritrean people suffer and you (Mr. Teweldebrhan) deliberately ignored these crimes as if they didn’t or don’t exist.
    Shamelessly, you kept attacking the selfless Eritrean leaders who are giving the Eritrean people free service for most of their life by disrespecting their intelligence and by defamatory language. Also, you are trying to create conflict between the government and the people of Eritrea which is unwise if you truly care about peace and stability in the nation. You must understand that peace and stability are the preconditions for any development So Stop instigating conflict which only benefits the enemies of the Eritrean people. Use you talent for good. Promote peace and reconciliation in our society and government and keep bringing your good Ideas and suggestions. Also use your writing talent in exposing the conspiracy and lie of our enemies. Let’s focus in defeating our enemies in the war of psychological warfare. Our internal problem is a family matter, let’s deal with it as such. That is, when we criticize we must use guarded language and let’s not give our enemies an opportunity that they can exploit and use them against us to do more harm on our people.


    • Mr. Zereom,

      You gave up! That is not Eritrean. An Eritrean is more than a 1000 of the Weyanes. Whether you understand or not you are advocating the Weyanes are super human and we Eritreans are their hostage. In other words, you are saying we Eritreans must keep our house dirty until God willing the Weyane disappears. You must be a coward person. Frankly, I don’t like coward people like you.


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